Corn Planting: How Important is Timing? – Part 2

Based on the progress of the 2017 planting season, this information seems very relevant again. Take a look at part 2 of the thoughts from Andy Paulson on late planting.

With the additional rainfall we have experienced in much of central and northern Illinois this spring, it is no surprise planting has been delayed.  The majority of farmers still have a portion of corn acres (and a large amount of soybean acres) left to plant once the skies clear and the fields drain.  With delayed planting inevitable, it begs the question:  how important is timing?

Typically, people think about three things when planting late in spring:

  1. Yield loss per day
  2. Seed bed quality
  3. Product placement

If the items above are listed in the order you would prioritize them on importance, I challenge you to look from a new angle.  Try the following order on for size:

  1. Seed bed quality (See Part 1)
  2. Product Placement (Part 2)
  3. Yield loss per day (Coming Soon – Part 3))

Why is seed bed quality more important than yield loss? What is so important about product placement? Let’s consider…


During the “off season” you worked diligently to select AXIS Seed products that will offer your operation the maximum opportunity for income.  The decision was not made lightly and took many factors into account.  Among others, you likely considered the soil type, topography, drainage, yield potential, drydown, drought soils, and fertility (lack thereof or excess opportunity) in your decision.

In recognizing that, I encourage you not to vary from that decision of placement until absolutely necessary.  An earlier maturing product that you may be inclined to change to may not be as advantageous in that field environment.  It also could cost you more yield loss than you would by staying the course with the originally chosen product.

The bottom line? Don’t get hasty as time goes on.  Consider placement and relative maturity based on all the proper information and not as a knee-jerk reaction to planting delays.

Written by Andy Paulson

Owner – Axis Seed Direct

May, 11, 2017